Chapter 2


The Ward in the Wild

Chapter 2

The other side of the bucket

Hello there… it’s me Obadiah again. So what do you think of Ernie? Are you wondering what is happening to him? We’ll get back to Ernie later. I thought it an appropriate time to consider something about space to go along with our talk about time. Since space and time seem to be intertwined in the occurrence of events it seemed to me a good idea to share some thoughts on the subject.

Concerning Space (Matter and Void)

Void is the distance between things. Matter is the thing that has pushed the void aside. Or has it? For example what is in the space taken up by an apple? Atoms. But if you were to look closely you would note that atoms, by volume, are mostly made of Void. An atom is comprised of a compact nucleus whit tiny electrons circling far away. If the nucleus were the size of an apple the electrons would be the size of peas circling miles away. What’s in the area between the nucleus of an atom and its electron cloud? Matter? Not that we can measure. Void? That’s what we call it.

One way to describe the difference between Void and Matter cam be best described as the difference between “empty” space and “full” space. Is it possible to have space that is partially full? Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle may be linked to the true answer on that, but for now we remain uncertain. (no pun intended) It seems however, that space is either completely full of completely void. Energy has the ability to travel through space weather the space is full or empty and it has an effect on both. Some might consider that the most important space is the space between the ears. The things that go on there are of high importance. For it’s in that space that one imagines, dreams, and creates. Let’s hope that this space is not empty.

The other side of the bucket

The chanting grows greater master”.

And it will be greater sill, we must be patient my friend We must be ready. We must succeed.”

If anyone can succeed you can master. We have not had a Warden for almost 2 millennium. The people have grown restless as each date of choosing produces no Warden”

Jasper the Head Regent of the land stood from his writing table. He was tall, even for a Treep. He was twice as tall as his rotund personal servant who was of the stout and stocky Drull. Like all Treeps Jaspers features were long and thin, especially the arms and fingers. His thick gray skin was tightly stretched over lean and long features. Jasper began to speak, not directly at his servant but, in a stoic and reflective manner as if he were lecturing in the university sponsored by the Council of Saints. “The history of this tread of knowledge has been reliable in the past. The only thing that is not absolutely certain is the thread of knowledge that the incantation comes from. Parts of that tread of knowledge have been corrupted. The incantation comes from a lesser branch of that thread that has always shown truth in the past. Apparently overlooked by the betrayer. The corruption on the main body of that thread of knowledge does not seem to have affected the lesser branches. Because of this, it has been the consensus of the Council of Saints that this lesser branch has in fact not been corrupted. Branches from other reliable threads of knowledge have confirmed this. It is the opinion of the Council of Saints that when the betrayer corrupted this body of knowledge he focused solely on the history of lineages and the outcomes of wars and the location of known treasures at the time. It seems that he ignored the tracings of portals and incantations or simply did not have the time to address them. I for one am in agreement with the councils conclusion.”

Shea’s round plump features looked almost comical standing next to the head Regent of the Ward. Jasper loved his friend and would not trade the humble and effective service of Shea for anything, even the Warden-ship. “The people look to you my master to bring them someone they can put their hope in.” Jasper stoically bowed his head and smiled confirming his confidence in the Council of Saints conclusion. This brightened Shea’s heart. It was a tense time the calling of a new Warden. Then with a complete about face Jasper returned to his private chambers for his final preparation.

Shea was a reliable and loyal servant to the Head Regent. He was often very clever in the manner in which he completed his master’s tasks. He did not have the deep wisdom that came from a century of study in the annals of knowledge and wisdom but, was a master of practicality, a great asset when serving an idealist. Shea’s smile of anticipation was difficult to hold back. These were potentially very joyous times. They were also times in which great reverence and respect needed to be shown. A smirky grin (even well intentioned) could be conceived as disrespect by the dignitaries gathered for the event. It would be a disgraceful thing if a mere servant did not show the proper respect to any of the assembled governors and their diplomats. Great respect to all was of great importance in these times. Today all the Governors of the territories would have their rank demoted by one, as there would be a new rank above them. A long awaited rank, one highest rank, the rank of Warden!

The Ward has known many Wardens over hundreds of thousands of years. Most of the Wardens brought stability and prosperity to the Ward. A few bright exceptions have brought greatness to varying degrees. Fewer still (and very fortunately for that) have tried to betray the Ward and destroy it. The calling, if successful, would bring the first Warden in nearly 2000 years. It would be the first attempt at “calling” a new Warden in nearly 150 years. It is known for sure that there have been at least 20 callings for a new Warden since the last successful one but, so many records were lost in the migration across the Great Sand Desert it’s difficult to be sure. The most experts claim is upwards of 100 callings since the last Warden. Conservatives say only 20 or so (the available records are conflicting) can be accounted for. Either way the Ward has gone far too long without a Warden. Ancient historical records suggest that in times past a new Warden was usually called in less than a year from the previous one and there are rumored legends that Wardens have been called as soon as the day after the previous one.

This is not the case in these times. At least 20 confirmed failed callings and more callings whose records have been lost. This is unheard of in all the history of the Ward. Even with the relatively small amount of known history that remains, the most callings on record is 7 (and they all happened in a single year) as recorded in the annals of sabotage. Although the events in the annals of sabotage are well agreed upon, precise dating for those events as been lost long ago. It is rare that more than 2 callings are ever needed in order to secure a new Warden.

Shea grabbed his assorted documents and scrolls and nodded with respect to the Honor Guards who were assigned to this corridor for security. His smile was perfectly hidden on his face, but not in his step. The Honor Guard, the best of the fighting men in the territories, are donated to the Central City of Governing from each of the 10 territories of the Ward. They not only defend the Central City of Governing, but also the government officials who congregate there. In the Regents estate, the Honor Guard wear brightly colored orange uniforms with wide purple sashes. The sashes are often adorned with the medals form battles and rank markings. These men in particular were armed with swords, although they hardly needed to be. Such men in battle are dangerous enough without weapons. Arm a single one and he’s as effective as a whole nod (25) of well-trained battle tested solders.

Shea had plenty of time to relay the message of readiness from the Head Regent to each of the ten governors. There were ten separate messages, one message for each of the 10 governors in attendance. Governors rarely come to the Central City of governing choosing to send representation to serve in the Council of Governors while they personally dealt with matters in their own lands. To have all the governors here at once, would only happen at the choosing of a new Warden. Shea did not delay and made hast to deliver the messages. The messages , officially signed documents of readiness with the seal of the Head Regent, were given to 10 house servants standing at the ready to deliver them. One order 10 destinations and the task was done. The message was simple…

“ I Jasper,

The current residing Head Regent of the Ward am in final preparation for the choosing. Please make ready to the selection platform.”

Since all the governors were expecting this message, each delivery initiated a processional for each one of the Governor’s as they made way to the platform of choosing. The appearance of the processionals changed the chanting among the sea of people gathered for the choosing from random chants to the each territory’s homeland chant as their Governor passed by on his way to the platform. Soon, all the governors were on the platform and stood together facing the crowd. Dressed in a way befitting the culture of their peoples but most certainly the finest of its kind for such an auspicious occasion. Facing the sea of people, holding each others hand, they raised their joined hands in unison above their heads, paused as the chants changed to cheers of excitement and then in unison lowered their hands. The crowd silenced. Then they formed a circle facing each other, grabbed hands a second time and raised them over their heads and shouted.

Choose the One!”

There was an eruption of sound from the masses of people. So many years of unanswered anticipation. Surely, this time the call would be answered. So many hopes set aside for so long. Surely this time the Councils will have correctly sorted out the histories in order to grant the people a new Warden. Surely this was the call to be answered. Surely this time there would be a new Warden. The crowd began a new chant.

Choose the one… Choose the one… Choose the one!”

As they continued to chant an extremely tall and thin man appeared on the platform. His long thin features and thin frame were accentuated by the orange robe of the Head Regent of the Ward. He held a scepter with a green stone in his left hand. A scepter made of pure silver with a green gemstone the size of a mans fist set at the crest. Then with his long thin fingers wrapped around the scepter nearly twice he held it shoulder high and slowly turned it parallel to the ground . The massive crowd became silent. It was a peaceful, orderly undisturbed quiet. There was a calmness that carried as far as the ear could hear. Then in the deepest moment of that calm Jasper dropped the scepter of the Head Regent and said.

I release my rule of the Ward to the one who is chosen!”

With that a portal appeared out of thin air at the back of the platform, then with the crowd still in a hush Jasper placed his long thin arm hand trough the portal on the platform and reached to find the new Warden of the Ward.


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