The chanting grows greater master”.

And it will be greater sill, we must be patient my friend We must be ready. We must succeed.”

If anyone can succeed you can master. We have not had a Warden for almost 2 millennium. The people have grown restless as each date of choosing produces no Warden”


The appearance of the processionals changed the chanting among the sea of people gathered from random chanting to the chants of each territory as their Governor made his way to the platform. Soon, all the governors were on the platform and stood together facing the crowd holding each others hand. Then they raised their joined hands above their heads and in unison lowered their hands. The crowd silenced. Then the governors (garbed in their finest distinguished wears) formed a circle facing each other, grabbed hands a second time and raised them over their heads and said.

Choose the One!”

There was an eruption of sound from the masses of people gathered as they began a new chant.

Choose the one… Choose the one… Choose the one!”

An extremely tall and thin man appeared on the platform. His long thin features and thin frame were accentuated by the orange robe of the Head Regent of the Ward. He held a scepter with a green stone in his left hand. A scepter made of pure silver with a green gemstone the size of a normal mans fist set at the crest, then with his long thin fingers wrapped around the scepter he held it shoulder high parallel to the ground. The massive crowd became silent. It was a peaceful, orderly undisturbed quiet. There seemed a calmness that carried as far as the ear could hear. Then in the deepest moment of that calm the tall thin man dropped the scepter of the Head Regent and said.

I release my rule of the Ward to the one who is chosen!”

With that a portal appeared out of thin air at the back of the platform, then with the crowd still in a hush Jasper placed his thin hand trough the portal on the platform and reached to find the new Warden of the Ward


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