Contentment and the 7 step American coffee.

  Do you like coffee? I like coffee. I drink a lot of it, maybe more than I should. Apparently not being content with a cup or two to warm up and cheer up for the day, I just keep sipping as the day rolls along. Its not unusual for me to of had 10-12 cups or more throughout the day. I like going to coffee shops ordering a cup and working on my laptop (getting free refills for hours on end) with the din of lively conversation of others all about. Occasionally I’ll lift my head for a moment from my cyber world and engage in a little conversation as well. I enjoy the whole experience.

Except for one thing. Ordering coffee. I Like my coffee black (a simple drip coffee as my barsista friends tell me). So when i’m ready for a cup i’ll go tho the counter order a cup and go sit down. Simple enough right…? Well, this is America, I cant just go up and order a draw from the drip machine. First, I have to stand in line waiting for my turn and see all the impulse adds available in the coffee shop. Today’s special (some coffee drink that involves seven steps to prepare and certainly takes a lot longer to prepare than a quick pull on the drip machine).

OK, 3 people to wait for and the first one just happens to want the special. Wait… wait… maybe the 2nd just wants a drip coffee too. Nope, they want a 5-6 step ice coffee smoothy thing with fancy custom swirls of caramel on top of the whip cream that crowns the drink. Looks delicious but I really don’t want all that I just want some coffee, that is what I came in for. There is no sense on spending more on something that I don’t think of and don’t look forward too just be cause the guy in front of me got one and it looks appealing. The next guy orders and other seven step special… man could I have waited any longer? I’m still at the end of the line for there is no none behind me.

 Whats wrong with drip coffee people? Isn’t it good enough?

 Finally, my turn, bing, bang, boom and my coffee is served. Aren’t I the efficient one. I look behind and notice that there is still no one waiting behind me. All that waiting … for nothing? No one will even appreciate that I did not get some fancy several step thing and kept the line moving.


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