The end is near


The end is near. Didn’t you know it would be so. After a life of chaos and opportunity the end is a steady flow of monotony. There is plenty of pain steady and unyielding in its hold. Dulled in its acuteness but its deep ache unrelenting. It has lost its effectiveness to create chaos. Not that it needs to do so at this point as its job of squelching opportunity has long been accomplished and therefore pain has not last its value. With the loss of opportunity hope is nothing but a thread that has been soaked in oil and set aflame. It will quickly be severed as its resiliency to grasp onto any thing has been lost.

Where did it all go? The time. There was so much of it. Passing day by week by month by year by decade and beyond. An endless flowing torrent wasted as fast as it arrived. Like a flash food where by its sheer volume a person dying of thirst cannot quench their need amidst the powerful current. Not a resource to be managed, only survived.

And what can be done about beyond? Is it not already set before the beginning? There is nothing that has been added to it. How could anything be added to something as limitless as the undefined? Was it not already there.

The end is near. It no longer stalks. Taking hold as it approaches. It has waited since the beginning. Knowing it would come and be. And then no more or always how can it be known or otherwise. It had no care of the passing as it was an unavoidable journey who’s path and time had been set before the start. Pointless for the lack of consequence. Could anything have truly been changed? And then to what end.


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