Elephant cookies

Elephant cookies

What did you say?

Elephant cookies

You are not ok.

Goodness has to start somewhere.

Right, hey Larry we got us a winner … let see that bump on your head

Difficultness is hard to handle                                              

I’ll be gentle.  I don’t see any bleeding at least not on the outside.  Let me help you on to the gurney, were gonna take you to the hospital for pictures

Water hurts soon

We’ll take care of that later you good for now?

Goodness has to start somewhere

Stay still the less movement the better

Elephant cookies

He‘s waking doctor

Thank you Evelyn, good afternoon, you’ve been asleep for a long time.  Four days you were found outside in the Walgreen’s in the parking lot. You took a blow to the head

Your in love…

Excuse me?

You and her… your in love

You didn’t have any ID so we don’t k now your name

That’s strange Dr Prince I can’t seem to recall… oh… I’m sorry you’re married, I didn’t notice at first, I didn’t mean any harm

It’s quite all right, nurse Jenkins and I are both loyal to our separate marriages, you’re not the first one to notice

You love many people

I’m Doctor and I care  

I wish I knew my name Dr. Price and nurse Jenkins

Try not to worry about it for now does your head hurt?

No Dr Prince I feel fine

We’re gonna try and stand you up.  Be careful, after lying down for so long you may feel dizzy.  Nurse Jenkins will steady you if there any problems… How do you feel


Try taking a few steps.  Very good.  Any problems?

You look sad

Tired mostly it’s been a long shift

My back is kind of sore can I try and stretch it

Just be careful bending over

You really like working with Dr Prince

Doesn’t everybody?

I can see that

Think you can tell us who you are yet?

More tests Dr Prince?

Not today all were likely to do is just discover more about how much you know about everything and everybody except yourself.  Are you going to be ok with the name detective Reece set up for you?

Wilber McGillicutty? It awful I didn’t mean to upset him but he seemed up to something.

People with secrets sometimes don’t manage the truth very well

I’ll likely go with a nickname like Willie Mac or G-mac or something.  He’s a cruel man.

It’s unfortunate that they won’t put you in a witness protection program to get you a fresh start

I’m not a witness and as far as we know my life is not in danger I couldn’t allow what’s left of my life to start off with a lie

I’m glad you fell that way that’s part of why I wanted to talk to you.  How would you feel about coming home with me and staying with my family?  It would get you out of the hospital, no more tests, we have more than enough room.  With your new legal ID you would now have an address and could look for your as you start your new life

There may not be much work for a guy who can’t remember his past let alone his own name, but it’s a very gracious gift thank you Dr Prince.  What becomes of the bill I wracked up here?  Your not going to be liable are you?

No, no, no… and neither are you. The way the paperwork is set up there is no liability to you under your new name.  So you don’t have to worry about collection agencies.  The accounting office is fine with it knowing that you would work on paying it off once you had the means.  But because your new name comes into legal effect tomorrow there is nothing that can be billed to it.  So pay when you can.

I can live with that thank you Dr Prince

Once you leave here no more Dr Prince at my home they call me Danny

That’s not all they call you

My children call me daddy-o

Nice work… I wonder where you learned to write.

Me too Mr. Palmer

I want you to meet my boss

He’s making you

It’s ok, it’s his decision as to whether or not we publish

I thought you did that

I only make the decision about whether or not its worthy to publish and meets our guidelines.  Unfortunately there are only so many books we are capable of marketing at one time.  10% of the manuscripts we receive meet our guideline sand maybe only 3 in 10 actually get published by us.

You disagree with your boss often

Yes, often… come on

Mr. James, this is Wilber McGillicutty

“Wilber?!”  Hah!

You’re angry

I’m not angry just loud.

You’re angry at some one who is not here, very angry

I told you he thinks different Mr. James It gives him a very unique perspective.  I don’t know of anything like it.  Myriads of tinny little conflicts that quickly develop and resolve as the larger plot lines develop.  I think it will get great reviews and maybe even an award.  I was riveted.

You don’t have the best track record for liking books that sell Palmer.  Have Kathy read excerpts I’ll get a better idea from her response

Why don’t you guys like her?

She’s always late and behind.  Palmer and others pre-red her manuscripts and forward the best ones to her.  If she actually finishes it, it sells.  With out that she’d been fired long ago

I put a copy on her desk

Hold on…. Kathy…. Kathy….  Pick up your phone!!

She’s probably got her headphones on.

If she does she’s fired for sure!  You do it Palmer, we’ll wait

It’s been 20 minuets what took you so long?

She wasn’t wearing head phones, she’s still reading it, I can’t get her to acknowledge anyone.  Mabel is steering her down the hall as she reads

Freak!!  Just ‘cause the freak likes the nutcases book doesn’t mean I’m sold

She’s lonely and scared, don’t be so mean

I’m a scary man.

She’s not afraid of you, to her you’re boring

Right… give me that book freak!

Hey!… bastard!!! I quit!!

Fat chance!  Chain her to her desk, the rest of you go do lunch or something

Didn’t I tell you not to bother me when I am reading?!  I want 15 numbered and signed copies of the first edition as soon as it’s off the press.  If the ink is dry when I get them… you all fired!!


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