paths of choice

If I could have chosen my path, I would have taken the shortest route.

The most direct route, the best route. 

I questioned the truth for the answer. 

The answer I expected was confirmation of the shortest direct route.

The truth did not confirm that path. 

I was instructed to veer off the direct path correctly. 

I didn’t trust the truth even though I wanted it. 

I went on the direct path that was not the correct path.

 It went poorly.  Not as I had planed. 

I tried to fix it.  The fix didn’t work. 

In frustration I tried not to “break” the truth of not taking the direct path but twisted the truth by choosing my own way away from the direct path. 

I knew the direction that I took didn’t lead to the truth which I wanted but it was my choice. 

Things got better for the worse.

As I would not stay on the direct path the correct path would cross my chosen path from time to time. 

I would ignore it even though things got better for the worse. 

The direct path crossed my chosen path and I took it. 

It went directly to what would slowly fade and in the end the truth which I wanted could not be seen. 

If I had taken the correct path my way would be sure but by taking the direct path the way began to fog and I began to wander. 



Without a path not even one of my own choosing. 

I searched over and over sometimes resting to cool my feet or wallow in the mud. 

The correct path would cross my path many time while I was lost but it was not the direct path so I chose it not. 

I now only chose the direct path, when it would appear which was rare only to watch it fade and to watch me wander. 



and again. 

To the point were the correct path did not cross my way while lost again. 

Now it only crossed when I was on the direct path and when I chose it not the direct path would fade again and I would lose sight of the truth. 



The correct path despite my desire to go directly to the truth was choosing me.  I wanted the truth but not the correct way.  I could not choose it.  It chose me. 

I took the correct path. 

I had been on it briefly many times before only to veer off to the direct path and get lost again. 

The correct path was windy, time consuming, and hard. 

And yet  Good! 

It was very good! 

The direct path was ok not so hard but it was never good and certainly not very Good.  The lost path was better for worse.

The correct path was good so very good, and yet hard so very hard…

I’m tired I’ll try the direct path for a while. 

It goes to the truth right? 

I’ll rest and catch the correct path before the direct path fades. 

Its gone again. 

I’ve made a mistake

I’ll go back wards on the direct path and take the correct path again. 

Wait… the direct path is facing in all directions. 

Lost.  Rats!

Once again wallowing,

once again hiding,

once again afraid. 

All the while continually alone and lonely. 

Footprints?  Now that’s different. 

I’ll follow them for a minute if they are lost too I’ll know soon. 

I know the lost for I am one…

oh… look! 

The correct path! 

It’s not so hard here…

I’ll run… there are other footprints!  I fall. 


Still on the path,  I have fallen off the correct path before. 

A hand. 

Help up.  “there are others”…””Come”

once again the correct path was choosing me for I could choose it not.

More footprints “see …. Others”     

Some footprints went off the path.  “Lets pray they return”. 

We prayed.  We moved on. 

At an intersection of the direct path and the correct path there was a discussion of several others. 

Before we got there they broke off their discussion and moved away.

Some left the correct path to follow the direct path.

M0st left the correct path to follow the path to better for the worse. 

Some took the direct path it was ok.

Some stayed. 

The fewest took the correct path and it was good. 

Very good. 

It was hard.

Very hard. 

There was help. I was not alone. 

I helped the others.  They were not alone. 

Some would fall off the correct path.  We would try to hang on and yet they would fall.  We dared not follow. 

We prayed. 

Truth awaited and we longed. 

We mourned. 

Sometimes those who fell off the correct path would appear on the correct path…

 we would rejoice. 

Sometimes when the direct path crossed the correct path some of the others would take the direct path and we were sad. 

Yet we hopped that we would see them on the correct path again. 

Sometimes we would see them and the crossings and be glad.  But they seldom rejoined the correct path. 

It continued to be very hard.  Harder as we went. 

It was good. it was very good. it was better for the best. 

And on we go.  Unable to see the truth we seek but knowing it waits for us.

Always there. Always patient.  Always glorious, always beyond our reach. 

And on we go as the truth had chosen us.


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