Ouch My Head

 Ouch my head

 (Writing prompt 2-5-11)

Ouch my head..

Who is that laying next to me

They’re bleeding 

No wait…they are not breathing

I can’t move

Help!  My jeep… it’s upside down 

I’m in a ditch    

That kid there is still bleeding

It’s such a beautiful day for loud music in my open top jeep

Who is that kid I’ve never seen them before    

A beautiful day for my special rock band underneath the back seat of the jeep

the one mom doesn’t know about and whos album cover I hide.   

They are still bleeding…     

I can’t move    

I can’t speak

They are not breathing

I’ll only be a second in reaching it, there’s no one on the road   

I’m in a ditch…

Who is that kid? Why is my jeep upside down?

Someone help me…  

Someone help the kid…

They are still bleeding   

The kids’ not breathing  

Why can’t I speak   

What happened?

It was such a beautiful day

A beautiful day for music…


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