The last snow flake

Writing prompt 2-05-11  (1)

The last snow flake

A thick blanket of neighboring friends lay below me as I weave my way through the thick frigid air.  I liked it.  When the air is thick I can take my time not rushing the journeys end and enjoying the changed scenery along the way.  When it is frigid my crystals are sharp allowing me to cut sharp angles through the sky giving me more control to the shape of my path.  Tight circles or wide ones or even catching an air foil and raising up for a time while others fall fast away to the living blanket below.  My aim to rest is truer and not at the mercy of the wind (even though influenced by it)

 shall I aim for the field? The tree? The House?  Steer clear of the road

Many friends lay far below with only a few more in between.  I look up and notice no one is above me.  I am last and will have no ones weight upon me today. I am last and will have the clearest picture of the blanket floor.


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