Thankfulness… an attitude of supposed to be?


It seems that the more desperate we get the more willing we are to be thankful and the les desperate we are the less likely it is that we will acknowledge how un grateful we are.  There are so many things that we do that when we feel in control our attitudes of thankfulness and gratitude lessen as our perceived needs do.   Sometimes I wonder if when we are desperate our supposed thankfulness is really just relief from the pressure of those things that had been burdening us lately.  


This was an interesting thanksgiving for me.  I got the time to spend significant time with friends that I had been missing.  I was thankful for the opportunity to do so but somehow my thankfulness for my life at the moment just wasn’t there.  While I an in such a better place this year than I was last year I seem to be less thankful over the whole situation.  Sound familiar?  So as you are talking to God over the next few weeks though the holidays I recommend a thankfulness check in those conversations.  Pray for an honest and heart felt appreciation for the things that God is doing in your life.  Not just head knowledge that you are supposed be that way.  Try to get beyond that.  Attitude of gratitude and not just knowledge of it. 


Hopefully it will lead you to things like telling people how much you appreciate them in your life and not put it off because the head knowledge is there but the honest motivation to do it isn’t.


Recently I had a bike stolen from me.  It has been my primary source of transportation. I do not have the means to replace it very easily so for the past several weeks I have done without.  Instead of cycling to my destinations I have been forced to walk.  Because of this I have been reacquainted with my compassion for those who are stuck out on the street.  Something that I have grown distant from over the past few months as some things in my life have changed for the “better”.   The experience has been a great motivator that I am truly thankful for that may not have occurred if it didn’t happen.  Anyways I suggest that as the business of the holiday’s approach that we all work on our thankfulness.  And the first place I suggest we go is to God in prayer for it.  If anyone is able to change the attitude of our hearts he is.


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