Some Drivel




Too old for the cold or so I was told

by a man who was known by the fold of his clothes. 

Sharp pressed lapels in the tie centered tweed

he had the answers to my perceived need. 

Or so he said so because he would know

as nothing was known that was not known by he

Just ask him thus and so he will say,

there is nothing that is not know by him since the light of day. 


So it was told to me by him that knows it all

that I am too old to have aliments that would seem cold

and that my symptoms are a vain attempt at sympathy bold

which he will not give as he knows better. 

Just ask him for there is none other with answers correct

which can be seen by the cut of his clothes. 

Tweeded jacket cut just below the belt

sharply pressed tweed confirming truth in his deeds. 

Which he says are many although he’ll list few

cause his time is so precious and he’s much to do

and not waste his time showing sympathy to

those who pretend to have for ailments that they are too old use.   


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