About me…

This Blog …. writing projects, a few rants and maybe some true insight into things.   Me = pot belied gray-haired old man. Well, maybe that’s not completely true.  I am fairly trim and have only a few gray hairs. Age is so relative I’m not even 50 yet!(almost).  I live a life that is different from most.  For, example I attend a church full of 20 somethings called “Scum of the Earth”.   I live in a 2 bedroom house with 8 others, all of whom are young enough to be my children.  We often have traveling “guests” that visit us.  I do a lot of volunteer work with the homeless and hope to be able to find better ways of serving them.  More detailed info on will be inside this blog although that is not my main purpose here.   My purpose here is to share my ideas and perspective on things and store work from larger writing projects.  




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