A Christmas poem


Just for fun

Just for fun I thought for this year

I’d stop and join the Christmas Cheer

Bring on the boughs bring on the lights

make the announcements late in the night

Just for love i thought for this yer

id bring on the reason for Christmas cheer

so bring on the bows, bring on the kings

bring the angels yearning to sing!

Don’t have the time to invest in ths fun

So glad I’ll be when its finally done

But I’ll keep the memories so gay and so fine

knowing I’ll make this Christmas of mine

Don’t have a person to send my gift through

So i’ll sen my son to say I LOVE YOU

I’ll write it all down so you don’t forget

Knowing your Christmas will be the best yet

The public will see my Christmas so fine

and celebrate it with song and wine

So don’t you worry you just come along

make sure you hurry my funds wont last long

The leaders will hate me the beggars will follow

the love that I share a hard pill to swallow

But don’t you worry your invited to come

i’m here for all not just for some.

It will all lead up to my big Christmas Party

where the laughter and song will be the most hearty

so bring on the wassail and bring on the nog

and make sure your eating just like a hog

It will all lead up to my gift just for you

remember i did it because I LOVE YOU

so bring on the whips and a crown made of thorns

bring on the public’s wrath led to scorn

And so just for fun may your Christmas be bright

I’m telling you that I did it so right

donations accepted as I used my own money

and try to remember how we all were so funny

And so just for love may your Christmas be merry

the ends coming soon and bound to be scary

but I got you covered, I used my own blood

just ask and receive its given in love


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